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Privacy Policy

The Societe Anonyme “H-K SA”, hereinafter referred to as “Company”, in the capacity of the Data Processing Manager  is committed to the protection of your personal data and their secure processing, maintaining a Personal Data file, with the aim of providing you with the most complete service of the services offered to you on its Website. 

Because the Website processes your personal data  in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR Regulation (GPA 679/2016), current national legislation and the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority, the Company provides you with the opportunity to be informed about the following privacy policy and it is recommended that you read it carefully to find out what is  collected, how it is used and what your rights are in relation to them when you visit the Company’s website. 

The purpose of the processing is the execution of your orders safely as well as the promotion of the Company’s services directly to you by direct or other communication, as well as the service of the smooth operation of the Website, always in accordance with the Personal Data Protection. 

The Company undertakes not to transfer your data to third parties, except for those persons who are connected to it and are necessary for the execution of the processing, such as to the respective providers, name registers, SSL issuers, server providers, etc.

Exceptionally, the Company may disclose personal data to judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon a legal request and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. In no case does the Company sell or rent your personal data to third parties. 

The Company collects only data that are absolutely necessary for the service of the purpose for which they were given and are used exclusively for the purpose for which they have been collected. With the exception of any data collected by Cookies, the data is limited to what you have provided expressly and for a specific purpose and if you have given your consent. We also collect data during your visit to our website and if you have consented to this, consent which is presumed by completing the corresponding fields (see contact form).

For advertising purposes, traffic data is provided to third party services, such as Google and Facebook for the purpose of displaying advertising messages on third party sites.

The processing of your data is carried out according to:

  • the terms of our contractual relationship
  • your consent, where required,
  • the obligations of the Company arising from the law (eg tax, labor, insurance legislation, etc.) and
  • the legal interest of the Company and

is carried out either by the Company’s staff, or through computer systems and electronic devices by the Company and exceptionally by third parties, who, having contractually contracted with the Company to maintain the confidentiality and protection of your data and process them exclusively for the purposes for which they have been provided to us. The Executors of the processing of personal data concerning you, in the performance of their duties, may employ other persons, who are called other performers of the processing. In this case, the controller (Company) must have given authorization to handle all or part of the processing of Personal Data concerning you. The consequence of this is that the other executor of the processing has the same obligations and rights as the Executor of the processing, as analyzed in this Policy and always within the framework of his assigned responsibilities, and bears full  responsibility with the Executor of the processing.

Indicatively, recipients of your Data are:

1) The company that maintains the management software  of our customer base (CRM etc).

2) The company that maintains the payroll software of the Company’s employees.

3) The insurance companies cooperating with the Company, with which you conclude insurance policies for your cars and to which we transfer  your necessary data  for the purpose of insurance.

4) The users of our systems collaborating  with the Company.

5) Other companies we work with to ensure even more benefits for you when buying your car.

Certified public accountants that control the financial statements of the Company. 

7) Collaborating companies for the provision of roadside assistance to drivers who use the Company’s replacement vehicles.

8) The companies providing MOT.

9)  Financial institutions cooperating with the Company for the financing and the conclusion of loan agreements for the purchase and / or repair of your vehicle and to which we transfer your necessary data.

In particular we collect:

Identity data, such as name, patronymic, date of birth, driver’s license, TIN / ID number.

Δεδομένα επικοινωνίας, όπως ταχυδρομική διεύθυνση, ηλεκτρονική διεύθυνση (e-mail), αριθμό τηλεφώνου.

Bank details and payment details, such as credit / debit card number, bank account number, IBAN, PayPal.

Identification information, e.g. username, IP address. Identification information, e.g. username, IP address. When you visit and use the Website for informational purposes only, we collect only the Personal Data concerning you which is transmitted by your browser to the Company’s server, which are technically necessary for the display of the Website to you and the guarantee of stability and security.

Your Personal Data is processed in order to provide you with the following services:

Submission of an offer:  The Company processes the Personal Data that concern you, for the submission of our offer for your purchase  of a car and the subsequent conclusion of the sales contract. 

Car Purchase:  The Company processes the Personal Data that concerns you, in order to complete the conclusion of your car purchase.

Car customs  you bought.

Providing Services to cover the warranty and maintenance of the car you bought as well as the distribution or general representation on supply of all types of vehicle you bought.

Concluding an insurance policy  for the insurance coverage of your car.

Car maintenance and repair: The Company processes Personal Data concerning you in order to fulfill its contractual relationship with you in connection with the provision of service services, such as maintenance, bodywork, repair services, including the purchase of necessary spare parts and / or parts. of the vehicle, the conversion and repair of carriages, the painting of all kinds of vehicles, the service for MOT etc, the management of your financial obligations to the company, to refute, raise / exercise and finally collect legal requirements and claims.

Compliance with applicable Legislation:  The Company processes the Personal Data that concern you, in order to be able to meet its legal obligations, related in particular to the observance of the Tax, Labor and Insurance legislation or the insurance coverage of a vehicle resulting from insurance.

Sending a newsletter – Under construction: 

The Company gives you the opportunity to choose, if you wish, to be informed either at your e-mail address or by sending an SMS or by posting any printed material, regarding promotional / advertising actions of the Company (eg for new products / or services available in the market, any offers, operation of new branches  and start of new or additional services, etc.). 

Information services on the Website:  The Company provides information services for its customers.

Information services on the Website:  The Company provides information services for its customers. Privilege programs for Customers: Through these programs, the Company offers a number of benefits to its customers, such as, for example, priority service in workshops, discount coupons, offers, etc. 

Contact:  The Company uses the Personal Data that concerns you to answer the requests / questions that you submit indicatively through the call center, web site, e-mail link and contact forms. In case the user chooses to contact the Company, by using the contact form or the e-mail link of the company, none of the data it provides is stored on the Website nor transferred or processed by any third party data processor  Instead this data is sent to the  Company by e-mail via protocol. 

Finding a Job /  Sending a CV

In case you send your CV to work in the Company you will be asked for a lot of personal information, such as date of birth, place of residence, previous employers, work history, education, personal interests, etc. This data is stored on our server and is not available to third parties. he Company processes the Personal Data that concern you for the evaluation of your qualifications and skills for the position for which you applied or for another position within the Company as well as for reasons of communication with you in relation to this purpose.

 Promotional Actions, for your information and the promotion of the products and services provided by our company, as long as you consent to it.

Research on the degree of satisfaction of our customers,  improvement and adaptation of our products and services to your requirements, needs, preferences and choices.

Participation in online promotions / contests:  The Company processes the Personal Data that concerns you and that you fill in for your participation in a contest, in case you agree,  to  hold contests, to notify you if you are the winner of the contest and to deliver your gift to you. 

 Participation in online market surveys / questionnaires:  The Company processes the Personal Data that concern you and that you fill in for your participation in online surveys, for example demographics (age, income, etc.). You can enter all the information or anything of your choice. The results of the surveys will be used only for the improvement of the characteristics of the Website, for your evaluation and then the improvement of the services provided to you and for no other purpose.

As a personal data operator, the full contact details of the Societe Anonyme are:

Η-Κ Commercial & Industrial S.A.

Address: 11 Ikarou Ave. N. Alikarnassos 71601

Tel. Contact: 2810 240600

E mail: [email protected] 

You can contact us with any questions regarding the protection of your personal data. 


The Company Website may use cookies to collect and store your information, with your consent.

 Cookies (“cookies”) are a small set of data that a website can store on the computer of each user or on his mobile phone respectively and do not know any document or file from his computer or mobile.

 Cookies allow  the website to “remember” the actions that each user does while browsing it. Although most browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera, support the use of cookies, users can set their browser to refuse cookies or delete them afterwards. 

Cookies are divided into permanent and session:

  • The permanent cookies remain on your hard drive even after you finish your visit, mentioning a wide range of items that are used for the next visit.
  • Session cookies are used only to identify  the user in certain services and pages of the website. 

Of these, what are necessarily characterized, are stored in the terminal of each user since they are directly connected to the smooth operation of the Website.

Therefore, during each of your visits to the Company’s website, if you provide us with your consent, we may use cookies and other tracking / tracking technologies, which are automatically collected, for reasons of better service, for reasons of marketing, statistics or for technical reasons, such as the browser used, the user’s IP address or information about the services they saw.

At the same time, third party cookies  are used that allow the analysis in order to understand the way the Website is used by each user. These cookies are stored on the server of each user, after his consent, ie from the moment he chooses to accept them Also the user can change his preferences any time he decides, knowing that any change in the settings of cookies, can significantly affect the smooth operation of the Website. 

Behavioral data on the Website, such as which pages users visit, length of stay, from which pages  it came (referrer), what frequency of visits, etc. are stored in third party services such as Google Analytics for the purpose of improving the Company’s marketing. These third-party services store cookies to operate.  This data does not personally identify users, so users’ privacy and sensitive personal data are not compromised. 

In any case, users can delete cookies from their browser and turn them off completely. 

User rights

As you may be aware, the new General Data Protection Regulation or GCPA gives citizens certain rights in relation to their personal data. In order to fully comply with the provisions of this law, we have implemented additional transparency features to help users exercise these rights. Based on availability and restrictions imposed by applicable law, the rights granted to citizens are as follows:

•  Right of access – you have the right to be informed and to request access to your personal data, which we process

• Right of correction – you have the right to request that we modify or update your personal information if it is inaccurate or incomplete

•  Right to delete – you have the right to ask us to delete your personal data

•  Restriction right – you have the right to request a temporary or permanent cessation of the processing of all or some of your personal data

•  Data portability right – you have the right to request a copy of your personal data in electronic form and to transfer this personal data to a third party

•  Right of objection – you have the right to object at any time to the processing of your personal data by us, based on reasons related to your personal situation and

•  Right not to be involved in automated decision-making – you have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on an automated decision-making process, such as profiling, if the decision would have legal implications for you or other equally important implications.

When we delete the data that concerns you

We retain the Personal Data that concern you only for the period of time required for the fulfillment of the purpose for which you have communicated this data to us and within the framework of the contract between us, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

Your statement of consent for sending a newsletter (newsletter) is kept for as long as a newsletter is sent to you by the Company, unless you choose to stop sending it. 

We keep the CVs and data you submit via email for work in our Company for two (2) years, unless you tell us that you wish to keep them for a shorter period (the minimum time limit you can choose is six months from their submission) or their deletion. 

The personal data that you provide and that you provide for your participation in the customer benefit programs  eg, discount coupons), are deleted when the program expires or there is a reason for your exclusion from the program or you express the desire to stop participate in the program as described in the terms of use of the program.

The Personal Data concerning you which are processed during your participation in tenders and / or market research will be retained for as long as is required to complete the tender or research and are then deleted.

If you have questions about the protection of your privacy, your rights or the manner in which you exercise them, please contact the Data Controller for the contact details contained in these Terms of Use. We will respond to your request within a reasonable time, and in any casewithin one (1) month, after verifying your identity. However, if your request is complex or requires time to find the necessary information to satisfy it or there is a large number of your corresponding Requests, we will inform you within the month if you need  an extension of another (2) two months within which we will respond .

If your requests are manifestly unfounded or excessive, in particular due to their repetitive nature, the Company may impose a reasonable fee, taking into account the administrative costs of providing the information or performing the requested action, or refusing to comply with the request. .

If you are unhappy with the way we use your personal data, you can also contact and file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority. 


This Website may contain links to other websites. The Company does not have the ability to control these sites and in no case is it responsible for their respective content (ads, promotions, etc.) and anything that the above websites may provide.  For the acceptance of the present by the user expressly agrees and accepts that the Company is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage caused by or in connection with the use of the content of the above websites, to which the links referred to published by other users of the Website. 


The Company updates and updates the  Privacy Policy when there is a need for better service to its users or the compliance of the company with the latest legislation. From time to time, therefore, this Privacy Policy may be updated to better inform its users, which will be posted on the Website, indicating the date of the latest issue. 

In any case, its users are advised to frequently check this Privacy Policy for their valid and timely information on how their personal data is protected by the Company.

For any clarification regarding this Privacy Policy and the protection of your personal data, please contact us at the following details:  

Η-Κ Commercial & Industrial S.A.

Address: 11 Ikarou Ave. N. Alikarnassos 71601

Tel. Contact: 2810 240600

E mail: [email protected] 


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