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Terms of Use of the Website

Ι. General Terms of Use and Transactions

This is an agreement between You, the user / visitor of the Website and the public company (Societe Anonyme or PLC), “H-K SA”,  for any user’s full or partial use of the particular Website. 

This Website belongs to “Michelidakis A. Nirakis I. Societe Anonyme Commercial Industrial Company” and PLC “H-K SA”, located in the Municipality of Heraklion, Crete, on 11 Ikarou Ave., N. Alikarnassos 71601, with Tax Identification Number: 997579470 / Tax Office of Heraklion and TIN number: 121940427000 (hereinafter  referred to as “Companyor Website”). The legal representative of the company is Michelidakis I. Antonios as President  and CEO of the Company.        

The Website offers its content under the following General Terms of Use and Transactions (hereinafter “Terms of Use”), which users / visitors are invited to visit regularly, to read carefully before using the Web.  


The term “Website”  hereinafter means all the websites, applications, services, content, text, photos, visuals and other information contained under the website

The copyrights of all content (programs, information, data, etc.) of the Website are protected by the relevant provisions  of Greek, European and international copyright and industrial property law and belong exclusively to the Company, (and / or their respective copyright holder / beneficiary) as protected goods of its intellectual property. 

The appearance on the Website of images, logos, names, trademarks, etc. representing the Company, or third party beneficiaries should in no case be born in mind as a transfer or assignment of their license or right of use, given that they are also protected by the provisions of commercial trademarks, industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition.

Any reproduction or dissemination of the content (partial or total) in any way or means for any use, (subject to article 28B law 2121/1993), is allowed only with the written permission of the Company, or the copyright creator or beneficiary of copyright is otherwise expressly prohibited from any (partial or total) exploitation, reproduction, copying, modification, republishing, distribution, transmission and general use of the Website in any way other than what is expressly stated in the terms of use.

It is also expressly forbidden to mislead the public about the actual provider / owner of the Website as well as to make it available to you in any way for commercial or other purposes.

You expressly undertake not to use the Website for illegal or immoral purposes or for any purpose other than your personal, private use. 

The Company does not guarantee or is responsible for the correctness, validity, fidelity, usefulness  and accuracy of the information received by the user / visitor  through the Website, nor for the delay or inability to use its network or any errors in the transfer of data or information (loss data storage, virus storage, malware, file corruption, etc.) nor does it provide any guarantee as to the suitability of the Website for any purpose. Therefore, each user should take care of the protection of his own means of access to the Website  with his own means (eg use of antivirus, etc.) before any use of the Website  In any case the Company does not bears any responsibility towards the visitor / user of the Website for any damage that may have been caused to him due to non-updating the information provided through the Website.

Any reference or referral through links to other internet sites is provided for the convenience of the user. The Company does not guarantee or is responsible for the contents, products and services provided (advertising or sale) on these websites. Any transactions between the user and third parties found on the website of or through it, including the services and any other terms, provisions, authorizations or representations related to such transactions, are made between the user and the third party. Therefore, the Company  is neither responsible nor liable for any losses / losses of any kind, which occurred in the midst of such transactions. In any case, the Company does not bear any responsibility towards the users for their use of the websites of third parties simply from their promotion through its website.

The Company bears no responsibility for acts or omissions of third parties and especially unauthorized interventions of third parties in products and / or services  and /  or information mentioned or posted on this Website.

The use of the Company’s website must be made exclusively for legal purposes and in a lawful and appropriate manner so that a) its use is not hindered by third parties b) in accordance with the law and good morals c) in a way that is not caused failures in the services provided and in the network that provides and supports them.

You must follow the rules of any competition, promotional or advertising campaign that takes place on the Company’s website and finds you participants.

By using the Website you declare that all your statements and warranties contained in this agreement are true and we guarantee their accuracy.

Any user / visitor who does not comply with these terms must abstain from visiting / using this Website.

Any use of the Website presupposes and expressly declares and guarantees that you have completed the 18th year of your age and have full legal capacity.  Minors are expressly prohibited from using this Website. The Company does not bear any responsibility for the use of the Website by users who do not have the above properties.

The Company reserves the right,  at any time and without notice, to unilaterally modify at its discretion the terms of Use of the Website, informing users / visitors by posting the new Terms of Use on the Website. For this reason, it is recommended to visit regularly and read them for any changes and modifications. 

The Terms of Use of the Website, as well as any modification or change are governed by Greek law, Community law and the relevant international treaties. In case of invalidity of one or more of the Terms of Use, it automatically ceases to be valid, but without affecting the validity of the other terms.

It is hereby expressly agreed that any disputes arising from the application of these terms and the general use of the Website by the User / Visitor, unless resolved amicably, are the responsibility of the courts of Heraklion, Crete. 

Any damage caused to the present website and to the Company or to the network in general, by illegal, bad and in violation of these Terms of Use of the Company’s website and its pages and / or services by a visitor / user, weighs exclusively on the latter and the Company reserves the right to exercise any of its legal rights to defend and safeguard its interests and the offender is obliged to repair any damage to the Company and its legal owners. 

ΙΙ. a) Content

The  Website  contains information regarding the Company’s products sold within Greece as well as its promotion programs. The contents of the  Website are provided for commercial and informational purposes only. Photos, specifications, technical characteristics that are displayed on the  Company’s website may relate to models that exist in its fleet and are available for sale. The Company reserves the right to change specifications, technical characteristics, equipment, prices without notice.

 b)Market conditions

The products for sale may differ from the products described or presented on the Website due to subsequent changes in specifications, components or year of manufacture. Therefore, the content of the Website should not be construed as a guarantee of the current availability of the products and services as described, or for those products, as actually offered for sale. The Company reserves the right to change at any time, without notice, the price, colors, materials, equipment, specifications and models, as well as to discontinue the availability of any model.

c) Registration of personal data

The personal data entered by users / visitors through the Website will be processed by the Company in order to better serve and inform them, in accordance with the  Company’s Privacy Policy. The Company, respecting the privacy of each user / visitor through the Website,  makes every effort to secure his personal data and undertakes not to use them for the sending of advertising-information material without his prior explicit consent.

The Company is not obliged to control and monitor the data posted by visitors to its site, and bears absolutely no responsibility for anything related to them. It also reserves the right to check the registered data at regular intervals and to delete without notice what is deemed appropriate.

d)) Contact Form

The Company gives the opportunity to the users / visitors to contact the Company, regarding the services provided, through the contact form, which is located on the website of the Website  The completion of all fields is mandatory and the data collected such as the email, name, surname, telephone and IP of the user are stored in the servers of the Company.

The completion and submission of the Contact Form does not constitute the conclusion of a contract, nor is its acceptance by the Company binding on the company. 

  e) Subscribe to the newsletter     

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  f) Finding a Job

In case you send your CV to work in the Company, you will be asked for a lot of personal data. Indicatively mentioned: date of birth, place of residence, personal interests, previous employers, work history, education, etc. This data is stored on our servers, in no case is it available to third parties. See the Company Privacy Policy for more information.

For any clarification regarding the above terms of use of the Website, contact H-K SA.

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